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Information about PLRG

The aim of the Association is to conduct activities leading to the optimization diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma patients, particularly by:

  • Conducting multicenter clinical trials,
  • Developing recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas,
  • Establishing research programs on the diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas,
  • Preparing essential information to lymphoma patients,
  • Initiating and reviewing legal acts to improve care for lymphoma patients in Poland,
  • Initiating, organizing, and supporting cooperation between national hematological and oncological centers in the field of diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma patients,
  • Exchanging experiences with entities related to lymphoma issues, including international cooperation.

Prof Jan Maciej Zaucha MD

Vice Presidents:
Prof Anna Czyż MD
Prof Sebastian Giebel MD

Prof Tomasz Wróbel MD

Prof Ewa Paszkiewicz-Kozik MD

Board and other members:
Ewa Lech-Marańda 
Joanna Drozd-Sokołowska 
Edyta Subocz 

Audit Committee:
Dariusz Wołowiec 
Ewa Chmielowska 
Agnieszka Giza 

Ethics Committee:
Małgorzata Sobczyk-Kruszelnicka 
Joanna Romejko-Jarosińska 
Janusz Meder 

Honorary Members:

Prof. dr hab. med. Olga Mioduszewska (title awarded 24.04.2009 r.)
Prof. dr hab. med. Jerzy Hołowiecki (title awarded 19.09.2008 r.)
Dr n. med. Jarosław Czyż (title awarded 27.10.2007 r.) 

Working Groups:

Hodgkin Lymphoma:
Jan Maciej Zaucha
Ewa Paszkiewicz-Kozik

Aggressive Lymphomas:
Anna Czyż
Monika Długosz-Danecka

Indolent Lymphomas:
Joanna Drozd-Sokołowska

Mantle Cell Lymphoma:
Joanna Romejko-Jarosińska

Extranodal Lymphomas:
Dariusz Wołowiec
Agnieszka Giza

T-Cell Lymphomas:
Ewa Chmielowska
Beata Ostrowska
Małgorzata Sokołowska-Wojdyło

Tomasz Czerw
Anna Czyż

Sebastian Szmit

Monika Prochorec-Sobieszek

Clinical Trials:
Wojciech Jurczak

Types of PLRG memberships

Regular Membership 
A citizen of the Republic of Poland who submits a declaration to join the Association is eligible to become a regular member of the PLRG.

Supporting Membership
An individual or legal entity, institution, or organization interested in supporting the substantive or financial activities of the Association can become a supporting member of the PLRG.

Center Membership
An oncology or hematological centre treating patients with lymphoma and interested in supporting PLRG program

Before filling out the Declaration, please learn the documents:
Statute of the Association

PLRG registration declaration